One Love Midwifery


Our Mission

To provide safe, honest, and compassionate care from birth to menopause through an informed patient-centered approach.

About Founder

Dr. Heather Findletar Hines (she/her) is a fierce Jamaican midwife with a huge heart and a thoughtful, level-headed approach to birth and the health of women and those assigned female at birth. She has been practicing Midwifery for over 22 years and is the co-creator of One Love Midwifery, founded expressly to address the racism in healthcare  and maternal mortality statistics in the US. She is a grower of people – a teacher and leader who has championed doulas, worked collaboratively to reduce the rate of primary cesarean birth, served students and colleagues through local, state, and national midwifery organizations, and promoted birth justice and equity throughout her career.  She is also the director of Midwifery Education at Stony Brook University, where she actively fosters the development of new midwives and diversity of the midwifery profession. Heather is currently the chair of the Suffolk County Legislative Task Force on Maternal Morbidity and Mortality for BIPOC women. She also is a certified Yoga instructor, Author, Researcher, Mother, Wife.

Heather will provide you with compassionate evidence-based care that promotes wellness.  She believes every individual needs to be “seen” and care should be individualized “Care your way”.

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